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Hi, my name is dAVE Inden. I live in Seattle, WA and I'm a web developer. I love working in Javascript with React, Node.js, and Express. I also love Semantic HTML, CSS, Python, and making command line applications. My favorite way to think about code is how I can make tools for people to be more successful in what they are doing. If my work can empower people to do better then I can consider myself successful.

Here you will find a collection of information about me and the projects I work on. You can find writing of mine more specifically about code and my experiences on the DEV Community at dev.to/daveskull81

If you'd like to reach out you can find me on Twitter & LinkedIn or fill out my Contact form.


February 08, 2020

A collection of projects showcasing my skills as a Software Developer

About Me

August 18, 2019

Story of my journey so far as a human and in the world of web development