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dAVE Inden

Hi, my name is dAVE Inden. I live in Seattle, WA and I'm a web developer. I love working in Javascript with React, Node.js, and Express. I also love Semantic HTML, CSS, Python, Java, and making command line applications. My favorite way to think about code is how I can make tools for people to be more successful in what they are doing. If my work can empower people to do better then I can consider myself successful.

Here you will find a collection of information about me and the projects I work on. You can find writing of mine more specifically about code and my experiences on the DEV Community at dev.to/daveskull81

If you'd like to reach out you can find me on Twitter & LinkedIn or fill out my Contact form.


September 12, 2019

A collection of projects showcasing my skills as a Software Developer

Strive to be known for how you made people feel and not what you've done

August 25, 2019

Some thoughts on my career in technology so far and what I plan to focus on going forward

About Me

August 18, 2019

Story of my journey so far as a human and in the world of web development

Current Projects

July 31, 2019

A collection of the things I am currently working on.