dAVE Inden && Code

About Me

August 18, 2019

I am originally from the Northern San Francisco Bay Area in California. My wife and I moved up to Seattle, Washington, in the summer of 2012 without having ever visited it before. It was a challenge to ourselves to go and live somewhere that we both have never been and see what we could do. Seattle has been very kind to us and we have loved it from day one. At this point Seattle is our home more than anywhere else. We started a family here and don't see ourselves leaving any time soon.

As we lived here I began to see the very large and thriving tech scene in Seattle. It was very exciting and was something I wanted to become a part of in some way. I began teaching myself to code and got a job doing technical customer support. My passion for web technology and writing code has been going ever since. As I helped customers I also got the opportunity to talk to people on the Engineering teams about how a large scale application is built, managed, and deployed.

To teach myself code I started with Ruby and Ruby on Rails. From here I got really excited about Javascript and eventually Node.js. Being able to write the backend and frontend of an application in one language was really fascinating to me. Node.js allowed me to look into the world of backend development more and seeing how fun it can be to solve the issues that arise when working with the data of an application. I still really enjoy working on an application's user interface though. In the end solving problems while making software is fun regardless of where you are working on an application and as long as what you are doing is meant to do right by the users of that application you are doing good work. Now, I continue to work in Javascript. My learning is focused on React, Node.js, and Express.

Outside of code I love my family, baseball, and coffee. I am a diehard San Francisco Giants fan. Just because we moved doesn't stop me from loving them and I don't root for anybody else. The Giants don't come to Seattle often, but when they do I go to every single game. Thanks to being out of the market I don't fall under the blackout restrictions for broadcasts of their games. With my MLB subscription I can watch the home broadcast of every game.

Coffee is another thing that is everywhere in Seattle that I started to learn after moving here. Specialty coffee is really big here and there are lots of roasters and shops making delicious coffee. I love making it at home as well. I have a big collection of coffee making tools that I use pretty much daily. I see making coffee as part science and part creativity. In a lot of ways I feel it is very similar to code. I get to use the analyitcal parts of my brain to break down my process for how it will give me the best cup of coffee I can make while also getting the chance to be creative and experiment with a new way of doing things. I think this is very similar to software development with how one has to break down problems into smaller bits to find a solution while being creative can get you to the next level with that solution.

I'm always happy to talk baseball, coffee, and code. Let me know if you want to and feel free to say hi. Thanks! :)